Image Resolution

Large, crisp-looking photos print best. 300 dpi or higher is normally preferred, but be careful on how you enlarge the images - it's possible to add pixels to make a photo bigger, but that doesn't necessarily make it better.

72 dpi (or low-res) images will look fuzzy

Original images at 300 dpi will look much clearer

Document Bleed

If you have images or graphics that go right to the edge of your page, a bleed is very helpful during printing. This ensures you don't end up with a sliver of white on the edge of your document. 

A 0.125" bleed is considered standard.

Keeping important information 0.125" away from the edge (in the safe zone) is also recommended.

File Formats

We accept just about any file format, but the below formats are preferred over others:


Native Adobe Files (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)

Vector (EPS, SVG, AI)

High-Resolution Raster (TIFF, PSD)

Though not always the case, the below formats often produce low-quality graphics/files.






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