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Upload Files

We're Excited to See Your Creation!

Uploading files is easy—just follow these simple steps:

  • Prep your files to the best of your ability (see the File Prep page for more information).

  • Click on the yellow "Upload Files Now" button above. This will take you to our FTP site.

  • Click "Log In" in the upper right corner. *

  • Create a new folder to contain your files or upload to the existing main folder.

  • Click "Upload" on the top navigation bar, select the files from your computer, and click the large, orange "Upload" button when you're ready. Once the status hits 100%, it's complete. 

  • Email your customer service representative to say what you've uploaded. We don't want to miss your amazing projects! **

* If you do not have login information or forgot what it is, please email

** If you are unsure who to contact after file upload, please email:

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